A Carnival of Aces: October 2016 Round-up of Submissions: Joining the Asexual Community

As you likely know, I hosted the Carnival of Aces for October 2016, on Joining the Asexual Community. If you’d like to know more, you can read the Call for Submissions. Late pieces will still be accepted for a reasonable amount of time, in case you’d like to submit them.

This month, eleven pieces were submitted, ten of which having been written for the carnival specifically, and I really enjoyed reading all of them. In order of submission, they are:

(Those without unique titles having been given short summaries. Also, please tell me if I missed yours! Contact details are still in the Call.)

Unfortunately, I did not get around to writing my own piece for the Carnival because I ended up with generally less free time this month than I had expected to have, and I never quite had enough steam to finish a piece.

It has been my pleasure to host the last Carnival of Aces, but now I must pass on the torch to fellow blogger Dee, at It’s An Ace Thing. The subject is “Relationship Anarchy“. I’m pretty excited about it, myself. While I’m at it, last month’s was on “Asperger’s and Asexuality” hosted by Robin Enby.

Side note: In case any of the above Tumblrs change URL, they have all been reblogged to my own Tumblr with the tag #CoA1016.


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